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Forget the summer romances
You’ve given it countless chances
Live this summer to the fullest
Jump the gun, dodge the bullets
Enough is said
Don’t waste it
Instead of laying in bed
Get out and take a hit
Soak up the sun
No time to waste
Even though summer has just begun
Give the salty air of the beach a taste
Inhale the scent of the briny ocean
It’s a constant calming motion
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Best Friend
Best Friend
Not all things are stable
Objects will crumble
Sometimes be set aside on a table
People stumble before they hit the floor
It’s good to have someone there
Who will always care and not point nor stare
It’s good to have your rock near by
You get so high sometimes it has to keep you balanced
All you need in life is a best friend
One who will pick you up when you fall
Someone to wipe your tears and rid your fears
Be the one to haul the forever secrets
All the way to the end of this life
Countless inside jokes and endless laughter
Unfinished sentences with our telepathic senses
Learn from right and wrong
I knew you were my best friend all along
:icon3even1angels8fall:3even1angels8fall 3 0
Life and its Offers
Life and its Offers
You think you're in love
But when the time comes
You'll be downin' the rum
Cursing the Gods above
For what they've done
A heart will break
A heart will shatter
He'll want to take you back
Shout no, get up and climb that ladder
Just one step forward and two steps back
It's all life has to offer
:icon3even1angels8fall:3even1angels8fall 2 0
Time and Time Again
Time and Time Again
Don't listen to what they have to say
We'll make history together
Spend our days, wasting them away
I can't forget
I'm learning to fall
Won't make any regrets
I can't risk to lose it all again
Can't risk to lose you
I'm already in two lets not make it three
Remember how it used to be?
Lend me a hand and I'll lend you mine
You and me, sitting side by side
We won't let time slip away again
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If you need me, don't call me on my cell
If you cared, you wouldn't have cheated me
If you knew, there was no love for you here
You created my lies
Friends hated to see me cry
How does it feel to know nothing will be the same?
And you're the only one to blame for everything
I'm not sorry I wasn't there
I don't care if you can't deal with it
I'm through, I've finally had enough
I won't put up with your BS anymore
Never again
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Secrets of the World
Secrets of Our World
Looking out the window
Birds soar in a painted sky
Shadows cast on the ground
Takes no time to taint the sky with passion
As it does when failure knocks us down
Trees fall from a blazing fire
Animals lose it all
The water has turned toxic
From chemicals constantly churning in it
How can we let this happen?
Soon things will flatten and turn to dust
Stars gleam in a black sky
Shooting stars dart across
Rain falls from the sky
Pattering on umbrellas and empty streets
The pain concealed in the secrets of the world
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She pulls herself through each day
Though her time is running short
Her soul is sullen but she still fakes a smile
She retorts a lie for every mile she lasts
To make herself believe in the truth that's not there
With no faith left
Hate takes its place
:icon3even1angels8fall:3even1angels8fall 2 1
Where is Home
Where is Home
Sometimes we fall
Trip and stumble through it all
Sometimes we can pick up the shards
And sometimes we can’t because it’s too hard
Though when we know
Things will begin to make sense
All our questions, dreams and hopes
Will tie the ends to our broken ropes
When we get knocked down
We sit on the ground
Waiting around for a hero
Better get back up, he won’t show up
No such thing as a fairy tale
Hold the rail, you can’t drown in your misery
Don’t worry little girl, you’ll make history
All on your own, you’ll find a home
No longer will you be alone, you know you belong
Somewhere, somehow, you know you belong
:icon3even1angels8fall:3even1angels8fall 0 1
Days Like This
Days like This
Pink and orange painted skies
Big waves lapping against the shore
Children scream anxious cries
The ocean was colder than a freezer’s core
Though seagulls booked it when howling was heard
The scent of summer and salt simmered in the air
:icon3even1angels8fall:3even1angels8fall 0 0
Rise and Simmer
Rise and Simmer
Pressure is like watching a meter rise
Some people are pushed to be subdivided
Just for a feel of being on the inside
For once not being left as an outsider
As past friends tend to drift and disconnect
You start to lose trust and respect
And gain perfect deafening silence
Although you're hopelessly optimistically correct
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Only Fears
Only Fears
Fear surrounds me like a fence
Locked in a hidden pocket of abandonment
The scent of searing panic rippled through me
With my breath hitching and fear trickling
My heart pounded against my rib cage
I thought my bones would shatter with the constant chatter
Creaking of the doors and seeking of leverage
The doors opened splaying light knowing I’d prayed hard enough
:icon3even1angels8fall:3even1angels8fall 0 1
Fitting In
Fitting In
High school is known to be scary
Known to marry your high school sweet heart
A real treat or just a cheat?
On the contrary, it's all too cliche
Finding a sense of belonging
A feel of being on the inside
Forgetting to prolong this loneliness
For once not being left as an outsider
Learn how to say no to pressure
Grow a back bone and forget the cliques
Make this fissure grow into something more
Something that makes everyone pick you
Be outspoken but show respect
Be no one but yourself
Shake off the worry, don't let it be detected
The only way to fit in is to not let yourself
Sit up on highest shelf
:icon3even1angels8fall:3even1angels8fall 1 0
Life has many secrets
Many doors of the unknown
Some are dormant
Some are blown away
But when it comes to happiness
It’s the only secret you’ll need
The only thing that can take the lead
Something that can’t be bought
It’s free and can’t be caught
Like a common cold
You can hold on to it
Bestowing it upon yourself
Though it can’t be tamed nor can it
Be used for a selfless show
Forever happiness, forever love
Forever support, forever weightless  trust
Forever free, forever to succeed
:icon3even1angels8fall:3even1angels8fall 0 0
I didn't mean it
when I said I was fine
everything has changed with
just the toss of a dime
I try to reconsider my decisions
but it left me with emotional collisions
I think of hope with a sense of believing
I breathe a sigh of defiance when I know
I'll be the one conceiving the pain of
a closed off heart, the bullets plummet
down on the surface like rain to a roof
Just a spoof or the truth?
Either one, I hope I won't be shattered
tossed aside like a battered child's toy
left to collect dust and never see the break of dawn.
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United States
Current Residence:, Washington
Favourite genre of music: Rock, alternative, country, pop, some rap/hiphop/RB


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